Assessment time… need help in maths? Contact Leaps & Bounds Education Centre in Dubai Motor City

Word problem solving skills in maths, mental maths strategies, logic and reasoning….. These are skills that are absolutely essential for each child to grasp as they are required in everyday life. Having a strong foundation in maths at an early stage ensures that as the child grows he/she fosters a love of maths and progressively builds his/her confidence in it.

It is all too often that at assessment or exam time we discover that a child is suffering from a fundamental lack of understanding of mathematical skills. With the well renowned MagiKats programme, Leaps & Bounds Dubai Motor City ensures that an individualized maths revision programme is tailored early on for each child to ensure gaps are addressed. There is no magic wand to learning of course and it is only through perseverance and dedication that these skills are developed and a not so confident child becomes very secure in maths.

Children and teenagers that have a strong foundation in maths would also benefit of the MagiKats programme as it extends their maths skills further and keeps them motivated and challenged.

Success is only a step away, contact MagiKats Dubai Motor City!