Persuasive Writing – Creative Writing Lessons in Dubai

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Want to improve your child’s writing skills? Well you have come to the right place. Welcome to Leaps & Bounds Education Centre in Dubai Motor City.
So what are the courses that Leaps & Bounds covers in Creative Writing and which are designed to improve and help your child in their writing skills?
Our first module was about Persuasive Writing. So we ran an all-encompassing overview of how to improve writing generally. We looked at enriching writing with interesting vocabulary and descriptions, how to use characterization to move the plot, how to create mood when writing, different ways of varying sentence structures and openers for effect, higher level punctuation, giving a good flow to our writing through effective linkage of paragraphs. We did Persuasive writing in different forms- leaflets, ads, letters, speech, reports. Children learnt the features and structure of each type as well as suitable connectives and persuasive phrases to be used, emotive language and weasel words. Children found the creative writing programme highly beneficial.
What’s next, our second Creative writing module is coming up soon. So register now for a start of January 4th, 2015! If your child is struggling with writing and putting down their thoughts on paper, call Leaps & Bounds and find out how their structured writing programme significantly improves the child’s writing skills.

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