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For students aged approximately 6-8 years

This course entails phonics and spelling, letter recognition and writing in all its forms. It seeks to develop the vocabulary word bank, construction sentences, synonyms and antonyms for the child. Reading and writing comprehension is reinforced through speaking in Classical Arabic while describing figures and images in class. Long and short sounds with other letters in addition to attached and disconnected letters in words build understanding through morphological methods (word structure). This course is suitable for students between 6-8 years old.

For students aged approximately 9 – 11 years

This course involves word development, major grammar rules and their applications. Punctuation and uses, vocabulary devices, dialogue, and biography are core. Discussion and persuasive writing, reading and writing comprehension are essential pillars to enhance language proficiency. This course is designed to address building proficiency in the Arabic language for students between 9-11 years old.

For students aged approximately 12 – 14 years

This course includes text inferences, articulation, major and minor ideas identification. It also emphasizes speaking in Classical Arabic through describing text figures, vocabulary development, correct usage, presentation and construction of sentences. Vocabulary devices, reading and writing comprehension, in addition to story morals are key to language skills development at this level. It is expected that students between the age of 12-14 years old start at level 3 if their basic language proficiency is solid.

For students aged approximately 14 – 16 years

This course builds communicative skills in formal Arabic as well as Arab culture through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. The course focuses on Intermediate level tasks and topics, which involve daily life, as well as developing efficient reading strategies and listening skills. Students at this level will be required to carry out intermediate level presentations in Arabic. Age group of students taking this level of Arabic is between 14-16 years.


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