Maths Workshops

For students aged approximately 6-8 years

The MagiKats programme for children up to approximately eight years old covers maths learning topics that support early years education, building their foundation numeracy skills.

For students aged approximately 8-10 years

There are many topics covered for the primary student, including:

– Building concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

– Developing number awareness; odd & even numbers
– Rounding and estimating and halves and quarters
– Working with money, reading clocks
– Length, mass and capacity
– Following directions using right angles and turns
– Lists, pictograms and graphs
– Problem solving.

For students aged approximately 10-12 years

Topics include:

  • – Understanding large numbers and place value
  • – Developing number skills
  • – Ordering, comparing, estimating and rounding
  • – Fractions of numbers; working with decimals and fractions
  • – Application of addition and subtraction skills
  • – Area and perimeter
  • – Ratio and proportion
  • – Symmetry and reflections
  • – Handling data
For students aged approximately 12-14 years

MagiKats learning for students at the start of secondary school education provides support across a variety of maths topics to help consolidate and improve their numeracy skills and learning. We aim to make the change in learning style from primary to secondary education as smooth as possible so that students can apply what they’ve already learnt, focus on their work and have the confidence to tackle new challenges.

Topics include:

  • – Sequences
  • – Divisibility rules
  • – Ration, proportion and percentages
  • – Working with negative numbers
  • – Prime numbers and factors
  • – Drawing angles
  • – Solving problems using data
  • – Mean, median and mode
  • – Problem Solving
For students aged 14 years and over

We aim to consolidate numeracy skills that will take the students through their last years of secondary school, further and higher education and into the working world.

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