English Workshops

For students aged approximately 6-8 years

The MagiKats programme for children up to approximately eight years old covers English learning topics that support early years education, building foundation English skills and helping improve reading skills. With professional support from MagiKats, we can help children develop fine and gross motor skills, improve their concentration ability and encourage them to discover new approaches to study.

For students aged approximately 8-10 years

For established primary school students our English programme focuses on improving literacy skills. This includes English grammar, spelling knowledge and providing help with reading, all of which help children gain focus and confidence.

For students aged approximately 10-12 years

As children move from primary to secondary education, the skills needed to succeed at school change. Our English learning programme reflects these changes in the variety of topics covered.

For students aged approximately 12-14 years

For students at the start of secondary school education, the MagiKats programme provides support across a variety of English topics to help with grammar, encourage creative writing and fine tune literacy skills.

Students aged above 14

The MagiKats programme for teenage students is designed to keep them highly motivated whilst giving them the skills and self belief to fulfil their potential.

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