Arabic Spring Camp Dubai Motorcity 2015

Struggling with Arabic? Your child is unable to speak or understand Arabic? What better way to learn than using the Spring break! Here at Dubai Motor City, we have the answer for you and this is what our Arabic Spring camp covers:

Beginners Arabic Camp

Categorising the Arabic alphabet according to shape. Learning their different forms according to position in words.

Arabic Short and long vowel sounds.
Arabic Basic sentence structure
Arabic Story reading comprehension ( listening, discussion and answering questions)

Intermediate level Arabic Camp

A quick review of the Arabic alphabet and its forms and sounds (adding vowel sounds)
Develop and enrich Arabic vocabulary, while being introduced to basic sentence structure and grammatical skills.
Conversational Arabic through: discussion of a story
Learning essential phrases
How to form basic questions
Essential vocabulary
Recounting story (verbal and written according to ability)
Role play and art activities reinforcing material covered during the Arabic sessions.

To learn more about our Arabic Programme for Children and Adults, call Leaps & Bounds Education Centre in Dubai Motor City on 044537720 or visit our website

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