Welcome to Leaps & Bounds!

At Leaps and Bounds Education Centre, we know every child is unique and has their own learning pace and style. With dedication and passion we look forward to providing a stimulating, friendly and easy learning environment, allowing children to reach their full potential and enrich their minds.
Our Mission

To provide children with the necessary skills, attitude, knowledge and resilience that will set them apart and tap into their creativity and potential.To ‘ignite that spark’ by building their self-esteem and showing them that they can do it. To start them on a path of life-long independent learning.

Our Approach

We believe our approach to learning will bring significant value to the lives of our students as we value the importance of building a strong, solid foundation of core skills in the early years.

Young Children

We make learning fun, but also encourage self-discipline. We work to improve focus and concentration and topics are presented in small bite sized pieces and enhanced with different activities.  It’s not just pen and paper. Children work to gain rewards such as stamps and stickers and can even get special prizes at our award ceremonies.


Our mentors are experienced in working with a range of ages and know that a teenager will need a completely different approach to a younger child. However, issues such as building confidence, developing self-discipline are common in all age groups.